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The Social Verandah!


Welcome to the Community!

Thinnai allows people to book a unique semi-private ambience to dine, work remotely, have a personal or professional meeting in a variety of spaces that are crowdsourced by us and can be rented on an hourly or per session basis.  

The space, amenities to dine, cutlery, crockery, drinking water, restroom will be provided and you can order your favorite food from Multiple restaurants to your booked Thinnai space and dine with much better privacy without compromising on your food preferences. (The Thinnai are usually located in a Rooftop, Porch, Backyard, Lawn, Balcony, Farm house that has privacy). You can enjoy and experience an unique and personalized ambience based on your mood, occasion or preference.

Thinnai can be booked for Casual Dining, Remote work, to read a book, Casual work meetings or for Community gatherings like Book clubs, artists. We are building the future of Dining out, where you choose the ambience and the cuisine can be ordered in from anywhere. Pan-Asian for you, Chinese for your friend, Italian for your other friend and dessert for all of you from another favorite Cafe. Now, you can all relish your favorite food from being seated in one beautiful dining ambience of your choice.

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How it Works?

For Guests


1. Book the Ambience of your Choice


For Hosts


1. Beautify an empty space with a dining setup


For Hosts With Kitchen

Seasalt Menu

1. Add your Menu in the Host Application Form


More than just a Dining Space

Thinnai ambience can host remote work, workshops, reading clubs, and work meeting, apart from casual dining.

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History Behind the Name "Thinnai"

Thinnai is part of the cultural architecture in Southern India. It reflects South Indian culture and the way of living. Traditionally, houses had raised platforms at the entrance of the home. Depending upon the grandeur of the houses they may be big and small, located inside or outside the Home. These raised platforms are called “Thinnai” in the Tamil Language.

Before the time of fuel engines, people who used to travel by walk would make a pitstop in villages, on their way, to rest on Thinnai (Raised platforms) in front of random houses. People in the Home offered food and water to the travelers who overcame with exhaustion and let them rest for the night. It also served as space for people to gather socially.

Teachers teaching art and literature did so here. Stranger or family, the Thinnai welcomed all. In doing so, “Thinnai” speaks volumes about our Hospitality. We hope to remind us of our essence in everything we do now by transcending our hospitality to all the people irrespective of where they come from.


Ordering food through a delivery app means people can order dishes from multiple restaurants for a single meal. If there are a group of people, multiply the number of dishes and restaurants. If they want to gather together for a proper dining experience, the only option is to meet each other at their home. Restaurants do not allow patrons to eat food from other kitchens in their space. But then the whole point of hanging out with people is to get out of the home for a fresh breath of air and also, not to forget the whole hassle of Dishwashing  and the after party cleaning when we invite company over.

Thinnai will offer you an unique variety of Personalised Dining ambience based for your Mood, Occasion and the people you are getting together with. Just at the click of a button people can enjoy the meal at their preferred dining ambience without compromising on their favourite foods.



Food delivery apps have been on the rise, making close to 3.5 million deliveries a day that is projected to have a 5X increase in growth by 2024 in India. With rapid growth in food deliveries, there is a growth of Cloud kitchen that only provides take-away food and no dining space. 

Eventually as the cloud kitchens grow, there will be a need for dining ambience and as we provide dining ambience, there will be a rapid growth in cloud kitchens. It’s a cyclic growth process.

Thinnai proves itself essential and necessary for this era and the future. We are proud to share that Thinnai will be the first to address the Demand and the Opportunity. A variety of inspired dining spaces with unique ambience are available to rent by the hour. Rest assured, your next meal could be a memorable dining experience.


While Thinnai is focused on customer service, we are also focused on the positive impact this will create in the Indian community. Our Company is on a social mission to improve the lives of entrepreneurial Indian Women by creating opportunity.

In addition to renting out their space, Thinnai is very keen on helping homemakers/ Home chefs who are very passionate about cooking but lack the resources to start their own venture. It is important to take note of how simple and profitable this could be for them when you remove the financial burdens, marketing concerns, rental establishment and staffing issues that in turn allow them to focus on the quality and taste of the Food.

People who set up an Ambience on Thinnai, have an opportunity to offer their own food to guests who are open to a homely dining experience by setting up a Menu with the Host account on Thinnai.

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Apart from that, we are shocked to know that the Indian Households alone accounts for 7.4% of the 931 Million tonnes of food wasted in the entire world, every year. We wanted to make sure that our hosts are able to add the extra food items, quantity available at their home using the host account, that will notify the users in that area so that they could book the table to enjoy a free or discounted price of a Home-cooked meal and we are working on more interesting opportunities that we will be providing for our Community at Thinnai.

Doubtful, Confused if the space you have would be right to host on Thinnai?

Drop us an image of your space here, or DM it to us on Instagram.

We will reach out to you.