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All you need to know about THINNAI

Updated: Oct 2

How Thinnai works?

Thinnai provides Affordable Private Dining Experiences with Unique Ambiences. We call such dining spaces as “Thinnai”

Can we book for a day?

You can book a Thinnai upto 4 hours for a group of 40 people at the maximum to enjoy a Private Dining experience at Beautiful ambiences. Thinnai spaces are for micro-social Gatherings.

Where is it located?

Most of the Thinnai spaces are Decorated Dining spaces located in a portion (i.e., Balcony, Rooftop, Backyard or any separated portion) of People’s Home like Villas & apartments. The people in the Home are your Hosts and you will be their Guests. They will be there to assist you if you need any.

How do we order food?

Today's world, everyone has their own choice or preferences in food and huge thanks to delivery apps for making it easy. At Thinnai, each person can order your favourite food through multiple menus from delivery apps to the Thinnai dining space and we provide you with plates, Cutlery, drinking water and other amenities to have a proper dining experience. The Biriyani, The Dosa, the Pasta, the Noodles can all be enjoyed in one Private Dining table. You can bring your own Alcohol/Hookah and we provide you with glasses. You can also bring your own packed home cooked meal to have a unique dining experience.

How Private are Thinnai spaces?

All the Thinnai spaces are Private enough for a memorable dining experience. You may not expect a room like privacy. The Hosts (people in Home) are aware of how Thinnai works and you will be given adequate privacy for a quality time.

Note: Any misuse of the space will lead to immediate termination of the experience and you will be requested to leave the space immediately.

What can you expect as a guest?

We have had more than 15000 guests and it’s been an absolute fun ride to hear their reviews. It’s not just about the place, but also about people who host you. They love having you over at their place and to give you a beautiful space to have a memorable Dining experience. A Thinnai experience :)

To Book the THINNAI space, reach out to us on WhatsApp @9677790546



Why do we ask for IDs of all guests involved in the booking?

Firstly, It’s a rule by law to collect IDs when we allow Guests into a Private Space. Similar to how you require IDs to checkin to a private room in a Hotel.

Secondly, Your IDs are required only for verification. We have a commitment to our hosts that all Guests entering a Thinnai space will be ID verified by us. Our Hosts accept people like you to be their guests by trusting in Thinnai. We cannot and will not do anything against our commitments for safety. The private space you will be entering and having a good time has already been verified by us, including the Hosts. Thinnai is a safe community for all. We request your kind cooperation in keeping our community safe for all of us to be part of.

Prohibited items and actions inside a Thinnai space:

1) Sticking on the walls,

2) Causing dirt or damage to walls

3) Using or touching the roof, or anything that is hung from the roof to decorate the space.

4) Party poppers

5) Confetti, glitters and sparkles.

6) Any item or actions that cause dirt or damage to the properties in the Thinnai space.

Rescheduling Policy

*Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy*

*For Private Dining Spaces*

A Thinnai private dining booking cannot be cancelled once the booking is confirmed, it can be rescheduled once for free, a minimum of 4 hours prior to check-in time. Rescheduling shall be done within 21 days from the actual booking date. Date and time has to be mentioned to reschedule the booking. If not, it will be considered as cancelled.

*For Private Theatre Spaces*

A Thinnai Private Theatre booking cannot be cancelled or rescheduled once the booking is confirmed.

*Common for Both*

*Kindly note:* No rescheduling option available for bookings that falls on Indian Public Holidays and weekends.

*Rescheduling Request accepted between 9am - 12am (midnight)* If your booking is at 8am - 12pm the next day. Kindly raise the rescheduling request the previous night.

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