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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) by Hosts!

Updated: Oct 11, 2021


Is it safe to host?

Yes, kindly check out the measures taken for safety

Can I host only on weekends?

Yes, any part of any days that work for you

Can I host only during specific hours of the day?

Yes, any time frame that works for you

I love to host, but I am a bit hesitant about the type of guests.?

You can choose your guest preference on your host application form, you can start with family, women only, couples or any preference you are comfortable with.

I am worried about the number of guests.

You can restrict the max. Number of guests you are comfortable hosting, while you fill the host application form.

What’s the rent Pricing per session?

It depends upon the ambience and space you provide. Thinnai will decide your rent per session.

Is it necessary to have a space to be a host on Thinnai?


I live in a rented apartment/house. Can I be a Host on Thinnai?


Does the Host have the right to deny booking?


Can I cancel the booking after confirmation?

You will have to cancel 4 hours prior to check-in time.

What's the payment terms like? Monthly or After every booking?

100% payment on booking confirmation

What’s the commission fee for Thinnai per booking made?

8.5% of the total rent charged from a guest, 5% of the total food bill of a guest.

What are the basic necessities we need to be a host in Thinnai?

A big space in heart and a small space in Home, literally is all.

Do I need to create an account with Thinnai to be able to Host?

No, you are only required to fill in the Host Application Form, we’d suggest you read the blog that covers important aspects of Hosting before filling out the form.

Can the host change the available hours daily as per our convenience?

Well, Since its request to book, you can host anytime you are available. The booking is done only after we receive a confirmation from you.

How many hours in advance will the host be notified regarding the booking made by the guest?

We will contact you immediately when someone is interested in your space and if you are interested in hosting the guests, we will confirm the booking and send a confirmation to both the parties.

What if the guests overstay their time?

If the guests overstay for more than 20mins, please politely remind them of their checkout time and if they are requesting for an extension. Inform Thinnai support and we will request them to pay for the extension immediately.

Is alcohol allowed for hosting?

We do not encourage alcohol consumption in Thinnai ambiences. Please beware of the local state laws for the same.

How to verify the guest?

Every guest will be given an OTP number for verification purposes after the booking confirmation. You as a Host should share with us the OTP given to the guests before allowing them to check-in.

What if the number of guests are more than mentioned in the booking? How do we charge them? And, if we do not have space for additional members. How do we handle it at the last minute?

You have the right to deny entry. Period. We suggest you not allow any guests who have not been ID’ed by us, prior to arrival.

Can I host it in my Tent, Caravan, Boat etc.,?

Well, Safety! Something that we value the most. As long as you can assure that, we can discuss and work this through.

How to become a Star Host on Thinnai?

Special feature for our star hosts. We have some important criteria that a host should meet over a period of time to become a Star Host.

Can the host cancel the booking at the last minute due to an emergency? Kindly explain the terms and conditions for this case.

The Hosts should not cancel the booking at the last minute unless and until there’s a very very important emergency. As your Host ratings will be hit very hard for last minute cancellations.


Does Thinnai take responsibility for any missing items or damage made by the guest at Host’s property?

No, We are working on Insurance for your space, but kindly make sure to keep expensive and delicate stuff away from the dining area.

How do we reach for Customer Support?

WhatsApp or message us at +91-96777-90564

Is customer support available 24*7?

7AM - 11PM.

I need more clarity.

Give us a call @ 096777-90546. Let’s make it easy for you.

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