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Suggestions to Create a Better Hosting Experience!

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

1. Set Clear Rules

You can trust in the kindness of the People, But it’s better to set clear House rules to keep them informed prior to booking. For Example: No Drunk people allowed, Pet Friendly space, etc., to give Guests an Idea about what they are getting themselves into.

2. Stock some Snacks

It’s good to have some water/ welcome drink or snacks (a very small portion of mini bites) to provide to them while they wait for food from your kitchen or from Food delivery apps. Because mostly Guests may arrive hungry and a small token of courtesy would go a LONG WAY. It's not a compulsory one, but it helps the Guests feel at home and would definitely reward you in the long run.

3. Be Up front and Honest

While writing about your space and yourself, be upfront, honest and inform the Guests about anything they should be aware of. For example: Your pets, Long staircase to reach the ambience, etc.,

4. Leave Small Notes

Provide small notes to welcome the Guests, explaining the ambience, anything you wouldn't want them to touch, the art work that you may have done, a direction to the washroom. Every small efforts makes it magical for the Guests

5. Music is the way to their Hearts

The best way to set the mood, vibe and the personality of your space is by playing a mild background music with small Bluetooth speakers, which later can be connected to the Guest's Playlist.

6. Providing Food is not a compulsion or a Necessity

It’s not a necessity to cook for your Guests. It’s up to the Guests to choose whether they wish to bring their own food, or order from food delivery apps or choose to eat what you have in your menu. Our commitment is to provide them with Good, clean, unique ambience to dine, work, read or just spend time at the ambience you have created.

7. Trash Disposal Can

Please make sure there’s a Trash Can within the Guest’s reach to dispose of any food packaging materials.

8. Dishwashing

Dishwashing is Host's responsibility. If you would like to avoid it, we suggest you to go with Single-use plates and cutlery.

Feel free to suggest anything, reach out to us, regarding any concerns or queries @ 09677790546 requesting a call back at your preferred time to his WhatsApp or Text message. We will definitely get in touch with you.


With Love,


Founders of THINNAI - The Social Verandah

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