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Things to know before you fill in the Host Application Form

Updated: Oct 9, 2021


We wanted to make sure that the Guests who arrive at your place are well mannered and mindful of the space you provide. Here are a few steps that go into ensuring safety and comfort during a Hosting Experience in Thinnai.

1. Thorough vetting

  • We vet all the guests who wish to book your platform by collecting Government APPROVED Photo ID, not just one, but two Photo IDs. We will have complete details of the Guests in our database and we will do a background check of their social media presence.

  • It’s compulsory and guests who do not comply with this will not be allowed to book any Ambience on our Platform.

2. Flexible Hosting options

We have an option (Check in the Host Application form) to choose what type of crowd you are comfortable to start with Hosting and you can start with them.

3. Manage the Size of the Crowd

You will be able to restrict the Max. number of Guests based on the size of the crowd you are comfortable with hosting in your space.

4. Only "REQUEST TO BOOK" option

There’s no direct booking that is going to take place in our Platform for now, they can only “Request to Book ''.

  • Any guest who are interested to book your Thinnai, will have to inform us the basic details, number of Guests, 2 photo IDs of all the Guests involved, food preferences (Own food, through delivery apps, from Host’s Kitchen menu) Preferred date and time and a small note to you describing who they are and what they do, why they are willing to book your space to give you an idea about the kind of guests you can expect.

  • We, THINNAI, will contact you with the details provided by the Guests and let you decide, considering the number of guests, type of guests, date, time and duration and we will proceed with the booking only after we receive an "YES" from you.

  • The Ambience location will be shared with the Guests only after the booking is confirmed by you.

  • This is not a corporate style booking platform. This is community and you have the right to accept/decline any booking without explanation.


1. Creating a Menu

If you are a Home chef, who is passionate about cooking, kindly fill in the details for your Menu in the Host Application form,

  • the items you will be able to cook,

  • the quantity per serving, as in how many people it serves,

  • the price per item,

  • the time frame the items will be available. For example: Breakfast Items (7AM TO 11AM) or Available at all times like biriyani, dessert, home made ice creams.

We would suggest you to add items to the Menu that can

  • Be stored or preserved for a longer time, or create a menu based on what you usually cook at home and what you are good at, just to make sure the inventory doesn’t make a dent in your pocket.

  • As fresh ingredients ensure a better food quality and after-food experience for Guests.

  • Start with a simple menu, something that is your specialty, something that your family and friends praise about, every time you cook.


You Earn by charging Rent per session from Guests

  • You will get to charge rent for every session with a 10 -20 minutes cushion time between each booking to have flexible check-in/ check-out.

  • We would suggest you to be flexible with check-in and check-out, for instance, the booking is at 7PM and if they are arriving at 6:45pm (15 minutes early) or leaving at 7:10pm (10 mins late) We would suggest you to be flexible as the satisfaction matters a lot more than the additional 10 minutes.

THINNAI will decide/suggest the Rent for your Ambience.

Thinnai will decide the rent for the Ambience. Mainly because, based on the data we have, we will be able to fix the right price to get the optimum usage of your space. The rent will be higher during peak hours like (7AM-9AM), (12PM-3PM), (7PM-10PM).


THINNAI charges 8.5% of the total Rent charged for Ambiences and 5% of the Total Food Bill from Host’s kitchen as our Commission/Service Fee. All the payments made by the Guests will go through us and we will settle your accounts every month. Eventually, we will take steps to give payouts, bi-monthly or even weekly based on the frequency of bookings. There will be an agreement laid out with terms and conditions once you fill in the HOST APPLICATION FORM to ensure mutual safety and security and to ensure our commitment to you.

This fee will be used to provide remuneration to the Thinnai team, to serve you better with additional values like Mobile/ Web app, to spread the word/ advertise about Thinnai in your city, better customer service, better Insurance facility and support to our community in every way possible.


All you need to do is fill in the HOST APPLICATION form and our team will manage your listings on our platform and we will be in constant communication with you for any queries, concerns and changes that you would want us to make to your listing in the future. We will share with you, once your Ambience is live on our platform to reassure all the information is correct and as per your requirements.


  • We are planning to create a small group for Hosts in each city to get together, talk and share experience to keep yourself updated and equipped and to educate each other to create a better, safe and memorable Hosting Experience in Thinnai.

  • If you are first to Host in your locality. We are always there to guide you in every step of the way. If possible, we suggest you bring in a friend or family into Thinnai Hosting, who are passionate about hosting, who can create a creative dining ambience or someone who already has such ambience.


We are so grateful for the response and appreciation you have given us. It’s because of you people, THINNAI is growing slow and steady, everyday. You are the ones taking what was supposed to be a closed Community Concept in our City of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu into something that can and should happen in different parts of our Country. We will work hard everyday and strive to make sure we provide you with the Best of Opportunities and Experiences.

We are building a Community and not a Company. Though, we lay out the path forward. You, as a Host, will play a very prominent role in shaping what Thinnai as a Community stands for. From How we see it, we are the Back-end team and you are part of the Front-end Team. The success of our Community lies in how efficiently we are able to work together as a Team.

THINNAI will be a sacred community that provides a joyful experience for Guests, Hosts and us, equally. We will be very strict and on point with the terms and conditions that we lay out for our Guests and Hosts included to make sure the Community is strong, well connected and knows it’s course. We want to ensure safety for both Hosts and Guests. Our main goal is not to rapidly increase the number of Bookings to your place. It is to make sure the Guests who arrive at your place are able to share the values we hold as a Community, even if it's one group of Guests, a month. SAFETY AND SATISFACTION ABOVE ALL.

Feel free to suggest anything, reach out to us, regarding any concerns or queries @ 09677790546 requesting a call back at your preferred time to his WhatsApp or Text message. We will definitely get in touch with you. We hope you fill out your application in the best way possible.


With Love,


Founders of THINNAI - The Social Verandah

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